How to have a safe abortion

AbortionThere are many ways to abort a woman who does not want her pregnancy. Generally there are two ways when viewed from the risk. Abort the womb in a safe way and abort the content in an unsafe way. Some women believe that abortion can be done by consuming certain foods. For more details, you need to read this article carefully in order to find a way to abort safely.

Safe Abortion

Below are some safe methods that you can choose to abort:

First. Abortion Using Pills

Using of pills is an option for a safe abortion. Then, medicines that are guarante authenticity and reliable sources so you can use these drugs. Aborting the womb using drugs is a safe option for gestational age of 12 months. There are two ways to abort using drugs, namely:

a.   Mifepristone and Misoprostol

The success rate for termination using Mifepristone and Misoprostol is 99%. Mifepristone contains substances that function to block the hormone progesterone. The prosteron hormone is need for the growth of pregnancy. So that when the prosteron hormone is blocked, the process of placing an egg on the uterine wall will be disrupted. After using mifepristone it will be more effective if you use misoprostol. Because, it stimulates contractions which will help the passage of pregnancy products from the uterus.

b.  Misoprostol or Cytotec alone

Cytotec is also very effective for terminating the pregnancy. The dosage ofthis drug alone will be different. Ofcourse the dosage it use is different when compared to the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The success rate of using this drug for pregnancy loss is 95%. This drug is one of the trademarks for misoprostol. In Indonesia, cytotec is also often be call Chroma lux, Miso tab and Gastrula.

This method is highly recommended by us. Because it is not difficult to use and has no health effects for women. This drug is also practical in its use. You can place the cytotec pill under your tongue or you can insert the pill into your vagina.

Second. Curette or vacuum aspiration

Surgery is another method. Surgery requires the help of a medical doctor or health worker to get the best results. There are two methods of surgical, namely sharp curettage and vacuum aspiration (manual and electronic).

WHO has actually banned the use of the sharp curettage method for health reasons for women who use this method. However, WHO recommends using the vacuum aspiration method because of health and safety for women.

Third. Late pregnancy abortion

Late pregnancy or second trimester has its own methods. Due to the growing size of the fetus, a separate technique is needed to perform abortion. In practice, the suction tube is often insufficient, requiring other tools such as pliers with rounded ends. However, this method is usually call with the dilatation and evacuation (D&E) method.

But, misoprostol should not be used in pregnancies over 20 weeks of age. Fetus can live outside the uterus since 20 weeks of pregnancy. Using this drug beyond 20 weeks of gestation can result in the birth of a live baby and a much higher risk of complications.

Unsafe and ineffective Abortion Method

Below are methods that you should stay away from because they have health risks that put you at risk:

First. Abortion with food and drinks

Not a few women use method by consuming certain foods. Usually these women get this information from the internet and word of mouth. This is not correct because the information they get has not been clinically tested. Information circulating among these women includes abortion by consuming young pineapple, young papaya, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. Such a method cannot abort the womb. To make matters worse, the information obtained by these women is mixing the above foods and drinks with fever-reducing drugs and mosquito repellents. Once again, such methods are not justified for terminating the womb instead it can endanger women’s health and can also endanger their lives.

Second. Herbal Abortion

The method of aborting the womb by consuming herbal plants is also a method that is not justified. Consuming spices, turmeric and other herbs will not abort your womb. There have been many cases of women who have used this method to abort their wombs, but without success. The risk that will be faced by women who use this method is complications in pregnancy. This method is not recommend for those of you who don’t want a pregnancy and want to abort your pregnancy.

Again, we do not recommend the herbal abortion method because it is not clinically teste and has a very high failure rate and leads to pregnancy complications.

Third. Other unsafe abortion Methods

Other methods for terminating the womb have been widely shared by women. The method used is classified as extreme and very dangerous to the health of women who practice it. Massage the , beat the stomach and insert a sharp object into the vagina. Extreme methods such as the above are not justified because they can cause bleeding and infection in the uterus and can lead to death.

Above we have explained the methods for a safe and unsafe abortion and can cause death in women who use these methods.

Than, for those of you who don’t want a pregnancy and want to abort your pregnancy, we highly recommend using the cytotec drug. The reason is that this method is very safe and many women have used this drug for abortion.

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How to get an abortion pill

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